Skylars Logistic Carriers
Drivers Agreement


1. This agreement is for a part-time Driver position, and therefore Company will pay no benefits except for wages. Accordingly, Driver will receive a Form 1099 for services.

2. Driver must complete the Driver Application before employment.

3. The Company will pay Driver wages upon returning the company vehicle or vehicle used to transport pets and once all crates cleaned out.

4. The daily Driver pay rate begins 24 hours after Driver starts the route.

5. Driver acknowledges that if the crates remain dirty after company inspection, Driver’s wages are subject to a deduction.

6. Driver agrees that while our client’s pet(s) is under their control, they will provide standard care to our client’s pets and never let them sit in their waste.

7. Drivers agree to update clients on their time of arrival every five hours. Said communication should be via phone or text message.

8. Driver agrees to take pictures of our client’s pets and creating a group message with the Company, breeder, and owner of pets.

9. Driver agrees that under no circumstances will our clients’ pet(s) be abandoned.

10. Driver agrees to contact Company in the event of any emergency.

11. Driver agrees to clean crates during transport if any of the pets aboard excrete bodily

12. Driver agrees to use mileage log to track the beginning and end of each route.

13. Driver agrees to remain professional with all clients doing every interaction.

14. Driver agrees to keep all receipts for gas and also track gas expenditures on the gas log noting the date, time, and amount spent in the record.

15. Driver agrees to pay any speeding ticket received during their route & let the Route Coordinator know immediately about any traffic violations.

16. Driver agrees to put all food and miscellaneous expenses on the log.

17. Driver agrees to report any pets that are vicious or aggressive to the route Coordinator.

18. Driver agrees not to miss treat or abuse any of our client’s pets.

19. Driver agrees to keep the company vehicle or car rental clean.

20. Driver agrees to inspect the exterior of the vehicle and report any visual damage before all transports begin.

21. Driver agrees to wear a mask when interacting with our clients during pick up and drop off.

22. Driver agrees not to discuss any compensation with another employee.

23. Driver agrees to deliver all goods (pets) that are picked up from our clients.

24. Driver agrees that if there are excessive communications by any client, they will immediately refer them to the Route Coordinator.

25. Driver agrees not to contact any of our clients after completion of the route.

26. Driver agrees to report any activity by another employee that would diminish U.S Logistic Carriers’ integrity or Timeflex Holdings.

27. Driver agrees not to post any confidential information supplied by U.S Logistic Carriers or Timeflex Holdings Inc. to social media.

28. Driver agrees not to use or purchase illegal substances, narcotics, or alcohol while performing driver duties.

29. Driver agrees to provide a valid drivers license for  passport or a copy of their birth certificate prior to employment. 

Drivers Agreement

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